Superconducting Quantum Devices

Superconducting Qubits

Measurements of single qubit and two-qubit transmons. Rabi oscillations, Ramsey fringes, coherence times. State of the art cryogenic and electronic setup.

SFQ digital control and readout of superconducting Qubits

Design, simulation and characterization of control and readout devices of superconducting qubits, based on single flux quantum (SFQ) digital logic. Integration of a quantum device with classical superconducting electronic chips.

Josephson Metamaterials for quantum microwave photonics

 This research line aims at using superconducting quantum circuits, specifically, Josephson junctions arrays (Josephson meta-materials) to generate and control quantum states of the electromagnetic radiation  in the microwave spectral range.

Macroscopic Quantum Phenomena

Macroscopic quantum tunneling and energy level quantization in different types of unconventional Josephson junctions, namely hybrid junctions with ferromagnetic barriers and junctions composed by high critical temperature superconducting electrodes.

Hybrid quantum devices

Realization and characterization of hybrid Josephson junctions and nanodevices, with barriers composed by different materials (ferromagnetic layers, semiconducting materials and nanowires, topological insulators). Transport properties, electrodynamics in dc and microwave environment, proximity effect in unconventional regimes.